Clean Getaway
This is a Rock and Roll record with a not too subtle message. It's all about Addiction, Recovery, Hope and Possibilities. I just celebrated 30 years clean and sober, and this is my way of spreading the message. Turn it up loud and enjoy!! Ricky ByrdRicky Byrd – Clean Getaway Recovery Troubadour Records Rating: A Ricky Byrd is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his time spent as the lead guitarist in the Blackhearts….Yeah those Blackhearts as in Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Ricky is the “I Love Rock N Roll” guitar player. Does it get anymore iconic than that? In addition to Joan, the Byrd-man has also had a huge career with cats like Ian Hunter, Southside Johnny and Roger Daltrey. He is also a successful solo artist. Did I mention that 30 years ago none of that almost mattered? That’s because Ricky had a drug problem. Instead of burning out or fading away, however, Byrd did something about it. Now 30 years clean and sober the tal
Released 2017
Recovery Troubadour Records

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